Dr. Joanna M. Kaczorowska
Artistic Director

From the Artistic Director

Welcome to a brand new, innovative, chamber music series that redefines the idea of the classical music concert as we know it now. I created this particular concert series with specific goals in mind that make our performances truly unique and special.

Music is a language of the soul that enables us to communicate, share, and exchange ideas, personal stories, and energy between artists and their audiences. However, I frequently find today’s stereotypical concert setting, with its relative chasm between the artists on stage and the seated audience, an impediment to this necessary connection between artist and audience. When I perform, I hope for the flow of music and emotions. As much as I love to play in traditional concert hall settings, I frequently feel distant and separated from my audience. Therefore finding the beautiful concert space of the DiMenna Center for Classical Music is a miracle for me. It is an acoustic performance venue open to our creative design, allowing our artists to closely and intimately connect with the audience, and to directly share our passion, fulfilling my first goal of redefining the idea of a classical concert. The DiMenna Center venue reminds me of the intimacy of private homes and salons of the aristocracy, where chamber music was born and where many premieres of stellar works took place.

My second and equally important goal is to create something more measurable than just a concert series for the pleasure of audience and artists but to create a concert series with a heart at its center. Through our performances and activities we aim to honor other compassionate charities. When I was just starting to develop the idea of NYCM, brand new research results on autism were released: 1 of 54 boys in America and 1 out of 250 girls are considered to be on the autistic-spectrum as of today. Autism has become in a short time more of an epidemic than any other illnesses and therefore we will, in part, honor charities that benefit autism research, care, and treatment.

In our concerts you will find the most beautiful chamber music repertoire that we love and cherish, like Brahms' Piano Quartet in G minor, Schubert's famous Trout Quintet or Dvorak's Piano Quintet in A major, played with the best of today’s musicians such as pianist Gilbert Kalish, violinist Philip Setzer, or clarinetist Alan Kay. They join the resident artists of NYCM as guest artists, sharing with us their incredible talents to create a musical interlude that promises to be a unique and not-to-be-missed experience.

Of course, while carrying on the tradition of bringing to our audiences the most beloved works of old masters from centuries ago, we can't forget that there are amazing contemporary musical voices here and now among us. Our concert series is equally devoted to promote our own contemporary masters and their music. Our first season focuses on American composers. Therefore you will have the honor to meet with and hear the incredible works of the famous Sheila Silver, Gabriela Lena Frank, and Perry Goldstein. Their wonderful music is inspired by anything from the blues-and-jazz inflections of pop-cultural influences in Goldstein’s homage, through the playful Frank’s quartet inspired by Peruvian folk music, to Silver’s composition inspired by, in part, Primo Levi’s writings on the Holocaust. All of these works are a great anthology of contemporary composers who speak the language of our times, the language of the twenty-first century.

Each of our concerts is going to be a very unique experience. I sincerely invite you to this feast of music, friendship and love and hope that you will join us for these magical events while helping us honor other worthy causes, including the fight against autism among many others.

Enjoy, support, give, and take what we have to offer.

With much needed nowadays peace and love,
Dr. Joanna Kaczorowska